Art & Crafts in Rajasthan :

Rajasthan is the richest state with a lot of artistic heritage that never fails to stun its visitors. Home to some of the most wonderful art, crafts and heritage that will sway you off your feet, Rajasthan is the state of a diverse culture that amazes every one. Some of the most popular art and crafts of the state are mentioned below :

Popular Art & Crafts of Rajasthan

Meenakari :

Meenakari is the art of coloring and ornamenting metal surface by fusing brilliant colors decorated in a brilliantly intricate design. The credit for the introduction of Meenakari goes to Raja Man Singh, who brought skilled enamel workers all the way from Lahore. Today the city of Jaipur is far-famed for its Meenakari artwork, especially at Pratapgarh and Nathdwara.

Jewellery :

Rajasthan is known for its unique and traditional jewellery styles. Some of the famous designs here are rakhri, bala, timaniyan, gajra, bajuband, gokhru, jod etc., You can catch most of the women especially tribal women in Rajasthan with heavy, simply, and crafted jewellery as well as some of the men in their traditional jewellery.

Ivory :

Ivory bangles are considered auspicious and thus worn by most of the women in Rajasthan. It is also shaped into intricate items and used to make miniature paintings.

Lac and Glass :

Lac bangles are bright colorful bangles made from wood, infused with some bright colors and inlaid with some amazing glasswork.

Sandalwood and Wood :

Rajasthan is also famous for ced wood, which is simple and inexpensive.

Hand-block Prints :

Band block prints of Rajasthan are famous for their wonderful floral beauty made from vegetable colors.

Lacquer and Filigree Work :

Lacquer and filigree work on Lac jewellery and bangles are famous for their amazing craft.

Tie and Dye Work :

The tie and dye work of Rajasthan is far-famed for its lovely dazzling aura. Practiced by traditional artists, the tie and dye work is mostly done on clothes such as sarees, dupattas, suits, etc.

Terracotta Tradition :

Exquisite miniature effigies are still keeping the age-old heritage of terracotta tradition alive.

Puppet Art :

The art of puppetry is still famous in Rajasthan. Made from wood and clothes, puppets are still very popular & one of the finest arts of Rajasthan.

Jaipur Marbles :

The marbles of Jaipur are famous worldwide for its amazing artifacts.

Miniature Paintings :

The miniature paintings from Rajasthan are renowned all over the world.

Embroidery :

Rajasthan is known for its embroidery done in the most exquisite way by traditionally craftsmen employing deft needlework studded with mirror.

Shekhawati Paintings :

The paintings of Shekhawati are basically bright wall paintings.

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