Customs and Traditions of Rajasthan :

The customs and traditions of Rajasthan dates back to the Vedic times, wherein the Samskaras prescribes the rites and ceremonies in the life of every individual. The customs and traditions of the state are the Rajasthani version of these Samskaras. Most of the people in Rajasthan follow the Vedas for ceremonies and rituals from birth to death, and basically relate to birth, marriage and death.

Major Customs and Traditions Of Rajasthan !!!

Birth :

As per the Rajasthani traditions, after birth the infant babies are offered prayers to make sure they are away from any evil spirit or bad omen.

Marriage :

Marriages in Rajasthan are arranged by the families of the bride and the groom. A suitable match is found, and the horoscope of both the girl and boy are confirmed to be compatible by a priest. Thereafter, an engagement is announced. As per the rajasthani tradition, the girl’s father send cocnut and other gifts to her in-laws as a “shagun”. Once these are received by the groom’s family, the marriage becomes inevitable.

Purdah :

The word literally means a “curtain or veil”. It is a practice in which women are usually required to keep themselves in purdah, from the men, as a mark of respect.

Dowry System:

Rajasthan is counted in one of the states, where the dowry system is still practiced. In this system the family of the bride usually offer some gifts like appropriate gift of cash, jewellery, television, cars, washing machine, furniture and even the bed with other decorative items as per their will to make sure the couple can easily adjust into their new life.

Divorce and Remarriage :

In communities like the Jats and Gujjars and other scheduled tribes, a married women is allowed to remarry after the death of her husband.


As per the hindu traditions, once someone dies, his body is burned to rest in peace. However, if the deceased was the head of the family, then after 12 days the son of the deceased is introduced to the community under a symbolic turban tying ceremony. After 13 days of the death, a feast known as Terwa or Karuyawar is organized for the relatives of the family and the locality.

Music and Dance:

Rajasthani music has strong religious flavour and most of its songs are sung with full devotion to myriad deities. Some religious songs are folk idioms of Saints, Surdas, Kabirdas, Meerabai and others famous worshipers. These songs are mostly heard in nightlong soirées or in the rural villages of Rajasthan.

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