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The city of Dungarpur is located in the district of Dungarpur. It is the chair of older division of Sisodiyas of Udaipur, while the chair of the Maharana of Mewar is the youthful division. It was established by the oldest son of Mewar’s leader, Karan Singh- Samant Singh in the year 1197. They are the enfant of the leader of the Guhilot Empire and Mewar’s creator- Bappa Rawal. This city of Dungarpur has numerous important and historical places which attract a lot of attention from travelers and visitors. The city also celebrates many fairs and festivals, which is an enticing site.

  • Altitude: 225 mtrs.
  • Best Season:The best time to visit Dungarpur is during the months of October, November, December, and February.
  • Climate: Summer : Mean Max. 43°'C Mean Min. 26°'C Winter : Mean Max. 25°'C Mean Min. 9°'C
  • Clothing : Summer light tropical or light Winter Woolen.
Distances from Dungarpur:
Delhi 506 Kms. Agra 387 Kms. Ajmer 293 Kms.
Alwar 347 Kms. Bharatpur 371 Kms. Jaipur 322 Kms.
Jaisalmer 737 Kms. Jodhpur 459 Kms. Mt. Abu 459 Kms
Ranthambhore 148 Kms.

How to Reach:

  • Air :The nearest airport of Dungarpur is at Udaipur (120 km) and Ahmadabad Airport (175 kms).

  • Rail :The nearest railway station is located just 3kms away from the city. Moreover, Dungarpur is also well-connected to the cities like Udaipur and Ahmadabad via an active and regular train’s network.

  • Road :Dungarpur is actively connected to Delhi – Bombay via the National Highway No.8 and the state highway passes across the district via the Shirohi – Ratlam.

Baneshawar Temple:

The Baneshawar temple is situated on a delta formed by the confluence of the Som River and Mahi River. The temple enshrines three Shivlingas. Every year a fair is held at the temple complex during Magh shukla Ekadashi to Purnima. The Vishnu temple located near the temple is also a famous attraction, which is believed to be the place where one of Lord Krishna’s incarnation-Mavji meditated. Moreover, there is also a Brahma temple located nearby.


The village of Baroda situated at a distance of 41km from the town of Dungarpur. The village is famed for the ruins of the temples made in Rajput style of architecture. The main religions practiced in the village were Saivism and Jainism. The Lord Shiva temple located near the tank at the village made from white stone is a famous attraction here. There is also a 'kundli' near the temple with an inscription of Samwat 1349, the times of the Maharaj Shri Veer Singh Dev. Other important highlight is the Jain temple dedicated to Parshvanath, identified in Samwat 1904 by Bhattarak Devendra Suri.

Deo Somnath:

The Deo Somnath temple is a 12th century temple dedicated to Lord Shiva located on the banks of the Som River. A replica of Gujarat’s Somnath temple, the temple intricate designs and inscriptions ced on white stone marble. The entrance of the temple has huge stone ced images of elephant and Nandi-the bull (Lord Shiva’s vehicle).

Dungarpur Town:

The town of Dungarpur was established during the 1335 A.D. There town houses numerous temples constructed by Rawal Veer Singh, in the honor of the widow of Dungaria. Surrounded by hills and a lake, the Udai Bilas Place named after Udai Singh II is also a famous attraction here. Moreover, the Bijaigarh fort built under the reign of Maharawal Bijai Singh, located atop a hill offers the most picturesque views of the entire region.


The village of Galiyakot is situated at a distance of 58 km to the south-east of the city of Dungarpur. The village actually derives its name from its ruler- a Bhil Chieftain. The village once served as the capital of the parmars and is also the erstwhile Dungarpur State. The shrine of Syed Fakhruddin is one of the prime attractions here. A religious attraction for the devotees of the Dawoodi Bohara, the shrine celebrates annual ' Urs' on the 27th day of Muharram.

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