Economy of Rajasthan:

With a Net State Domestic Product of around US$ 11.5 billion, the state of Rajasthan is the 8th largest economy. The main economy of the state is agrarian. Some of the other leading contributing sectors of the economy are:


The industrial sector contributes around 32.5 per cent to the state’s economy. The state has a great number of small scale units, which symbolizes the industrial strength of the state. While the main industries of the state are textile, woolen goods, rugs, vegetable oil and dyes, the other industries found here are steel, cement, electronic, ceramics & glass wares, leather and footwear. Also, the state is also home to heavy industries like copper and zinc smelting and known for manufacturing railway rolling stocks.

Cotton and the textile industries can also be seen across the state. Some of the other private sector industries include cement, sugar, ball bearings, caustic soda and other chemicals. Rich deposits of zinc, copper, gypsum, lignite and mica are also found in Rajasthan. As a result, the state is 2nd largest mineral producing state in India and accounts for 90% of the country’s mineral reserves. The mineral royalty of the state is worth US$ 100 Million.

Moreover, the state is the 4th largest state in the production of spun yarn, and contributes around 15% to the national cement production. Additional, Rajasthan is the 3rd largest producer of salt, and one-tenth of the nation’s salt production comes from Rajasthan.

Agriculture :

With a contribution of 22.5 percent to the economy of the state. Agriculture is the leading economy of the state. The total cultivable land of the state comprises 20 million hectares, out of which 20% land is irrigated. The main crops cultivated here are Barley, Gram, Wheat, Oil Seeds, Pulses, Pulses, Bajra, Jowar, Maize Ground Nuts, fruits and vegetables and spices.

While bajra, Jowar, Pulses, maize and ground nut are sown in June-July, Rabi crops like wheat, barley, pulses, gram and oil seeds are sown in the months of Oct-Nov. moreover, oil seeds like rape and mustard are also grown in the state. Fruits like orange, pomegranate, lemon, guava and mango are also grown in the state along with some vegetables.

Tourism :

Tourism is another important revenue generator sector that accounts to 15% of the economy of the state of Rajasthan. Rajasthan Tourism contributes to about 11.2 per cent India’s foreign tourist arrivals, and 3.3 per cent in the domestic tourist arrivals. To boost tourism in the state, the government has brought down the luxury taxes to 8%.

The service sector contributes 45% to the GDP, some of the other sources sectors which contributes to the economy are Infrastructure, Energy, Transportation, Telecommunications, Power, and Banking & Financial Institutions.

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