The land of colorful & jubilant festivities, Rajasthan is undoubtedly the land with a great history and culture. Every year Rajasthan celebrates many fairs & festivals, which entice travelers from all over the world.

Let’s have a look at some of the important festivals celebrated on the soil of Rajasthan:

Baneshhwar Fair :

The Baneshwar fair is a tribal fair which is held at the delta formed by the Som River and Mahi River. The fair is celebrated every year during Shivratri in the months of January/February honoring Lord Shiva. The word "Baneshwar" meaning “master of the delta” in Vagdi language is taken from the Shiva Linga enshrined in the Mahadev temple at Dungarpur. Over the past few years, two times the fair was held at same venue. The fair reverberates with gaiety of songs, folk dances, magic shows, animal shows, and acrobatic feats.

Camel Festival :

The Camel Festival, a yearly celebration starts in the month of January. The festival celebrating the desert animal is a breathtaking spectacle to experience in Rajasthan. The festival demonstrates the skills of the wonderful animal and honors the “Ship of the Desert”. The amazingly adorned camels all decked up in colorful attires are the highlight of the camel festivals. Camel races, dance competitions, musical performances, and much more awaits visitors at the fair.

Desert Festival :

Jaisalmer Desert Festival celebrated in the month of February was originally introduced to bring forth the colorful facets of Rajasthan, and showcases its rich culture. The festival features cultural events, camel races, folk performances, turban tying competition and much more. The 3-day event introduces visitors to the true local elements of Rajasthan, and heritage of the state which never fails to impress its visitors. The fire and gair dancers are the highlight of the festival, followed by the Mr. Desert contest which enhances fun at the festival. Organized by Rajasthan Tourism, the festival attracts a lot of foreign attention, as well as tourists from the national sphere.

Gangaur Festival:

The Gangaur Festival is celebrated in honor of goddess Pati and Lord Shiva every year in the April/March. The festival is celebrated by unmarried women who pray for being blessed with a good husband and married women pray for the health, love, and long life of their husbands. Udaipur, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Jaisalmer, and Nathdwara, are some of the regions which celebrate the festival.

Nagaur Cattle Fair:

The Nagaur Cattle Fair is a state fair held in Rajasthan, which invites merchants with livestock including camels, horses, bullocks and sheep. Around more than 70,000 livestock are being merchandised in this festival every year. Decorated in kinky jewelry, the fair attracts a lot of herders & cattle buyers from the nearby states.

Mewar Festival:

The Mewar Festival is a two day festival organized in Jodhpur in the months of September/October during Sharad Poornima honoring the heroes of Rajasthan. The festival is dedicated to dance, music, and culture, the festival and also comprise lively performances by folk singers & dancers, and polo & camel tattoo show.

Teej Festival:

The Teej Festival celebrated in the month of July/August celebrates the union of Lord Shiva and Devi Pati. On this three day festival, young girls & married women usually sing dance, enjoy swing rides, apply henna tattoo on their hands, wear beautiful new clothes and pray for a blissful married life. Ghewar, a special sweet is prepared, offered to the deities and distributed.

Pushkar Fair:

The Pushkar fair held in the months of October/November, is celebrated with great zest. The fair invites many travelers and hosts many musical events, and cultural activities. With traditional camps, and thrilling safari tours, the Pushkar fair is a cattle fair that invites cattle rearers, sellers & buyers from all parts of the state, and outside its boundaries. The fair promotes trading of cattles including cows, goats, horses, sheep, camels etc. All decked up in with dazzling ornaments and beautiful clothes, the cattle are really a sight for the visitors.

Ramdevra Fair:

The Ramdevra Fair is organized every year in the months of August/September at Ramdevra village in honor of Baba Ramdev, a Tanwar Rajput and a saint. It is believed that the saint took Samādhi at the age of 33 years. A temple was built in honor of the great saint in 1931 AD by Maharaja Ganga Singh. Every year many followers and devotees from various sects visit the temples to seek blessings from the saint.

Chandrabhaga Fair:

The Chandrabhaga Fair is organized on the Chadrabhaga River in the months of October – November every year on the last day of the Kartik. During this festival devotees tend to take bath at the river, and pray for their well-being. Moreover, the fair also features commerce and one can witness cattle trading including buffaloes, horses, cows, and camels.

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