Rajasthan Folk Music & Dances :

The land of Rajasthan mesmerizes people with its beautiful rhythms and graceful folk dances. While the folk dances are a graceful showcase of various stories told through graceful performances, the folk music of the state binds listeners’ with its melodiousness.

Folk music :

Manganiyar singers :

Manganiar singers are hereditary caste musicians, hailing from Jaisalmer and Barmer. The singers of Manganiar play kamaicha, a string instrument played using a bow. Manganiars use a complex musical composition with improvisatory rules and Vistuoso rhythm that has garnered them worldly fame.

Maand :

Mand or Maand is the most sophisticated folk music style and an exclusive contribution to the classical music of India. One of the most famous styles of singing, the Maand singers also contributes the folklore of the state.

Pabuji Ki Phach :
pabuji ki phach

It is a beautiful folk music of Rajasthan honoring the Pabu ji Bhopa, a folk god. The Nayak Bhopas of Rajasthan sings the story of Pabu ji on a Ravanhatta, a musical instrument. The 3 night’s long story is sung by a man with an instrument accompanied with a women singer as his partner.

Panihari :
panihari style music

The Panihari style of music was developed by women who went through parched land to fetch water from the afar called Panihari. This style of music generally includes melodious songs about the flowing rivers and splashing waves.

Langas :
langa singers

Langas are a caste of musicians, who serve the Sindhi Sipahi community. The Langa singers basically sing songs related to life passage ceremonies like birth, marriage, and other related ceremonies. Dholak and Khadtal are the rhythmic instruments used by the langas.

Dances :

Bhavai Dance :
bhavai dance of rajasthan

Bhavai dance is one of the traditional folk dance forms performed by skilled dance artists. This dance form basically involves women dancers balancing 8 to 9 pitchers on their heads and dancing. A nail biting performance, Bhavai is an intriguing dance form from Rajasthan.

Chakri Dance :
chakri dance rajasthan

The name Chakri is taken from the word chakkar meaning a circular rotation. It is one of the most popular dance forms of the kanjar tribe, living in the parts of Kota, and the district of Baran. The dance was initially performed by womenfolk of the tribe as a source of livelihood.

Chari Dance :
chari dance of rajasthan

The Chari dance form basically showcases the daily life of the women, their art of collecting water in earthen pot and travelling miles to reach their homes. The dance is performed by a group of women dancers carrying brass pots ignited with cotton seeds dipped in oil. The dance basically involves balancing the pots on heads and does not have any specific dance moves. It can also be considered the traditional fire dance of the state.

Drum Dance :
drum dance rajasthan

As the name signifies, the Drum Dance is a professional dance-form of the region of Jhalore, performed specifically by male participants. In this dance form the dancers beat huge drums tied to their necks. Additionally, dancers with huge cymbals in their hands, and other with naked swords in their mouth add some thrill to the entire performance.

Fire Dance :
fire dance rajasthan

The Fire dance of Rajasthan is a popular dance form depicting the lifestyle of the Jasnathis of the districts of Bikaner and Churu. The dance form is difficult and is mostly performed by the Banjara community.

Gair Dance :
gair dance of rajasthan

Gair is one of the popular dance forms and one of the many dance forms of the Bhil community. Performed by both men and women as a series of half swirls, and certain other complex patterns, the gair dance has many variations depending upon the dancers.s

Ghoomar Dance :
ghoomar dance of rajasthan

Ghoomar is the traditional folk dance form of Rajasthan. It is basically performed by women dancers moving in circular motion, from which this dance form derived its name. Dressed in colorful Ghaghara, a log skirt worn, and accompanied with men and women singing together, Ghoomar is really a bewitching performance.

Kachhi Ghodi:
kachhi ghodi rajasthani folk dance

Kachhi Ghodi Dance is another popular dance form of Rajasthan. This dance form basically originated from the Shekhawati region and is generally performed men on dummy horses. A lively dance form, the performers wear elaborate and colorful costumes embellished with brilliant mirror work and red turbans on their head.

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