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Land of vibrant hues, Rajasthan is known for its bustling souks, enchanting desert landscape, and traditions which are still practiced across the length & breadth of the state. Being deeply attached to their roots, the people of Rajasthan still take pride in each of the legacy passed onto them from their ancestors. The bright costumes & dresses is one such enticing traditional heritage of the state which has a very pivotal role in the culture of the state. The bright costumes worn by the village folks are mostly influenced by the status, climate, economy, and profession of the people. The traditional dresses of the state are potia, banda, dhoti, angrakha, pachewara, bugatari, dhabla, and khol. The Muslim population of the state can be seen wearing burkha, and achkan. Moreover, Sarees, Odhnis and Turban are worn by men and women all over the state in their day to day lives.
Some of the popular Rajasthani dresses worn across the state are mentioned below:



Turban, locally called Pagari, is one of the most common headgears across the state. A symbol of class and caste, one can witness more than 1,000 variations of turban in the state itself. Moreover, the turban also denotes the climatic influence, and geographical features. The traditional pagari is generally of a single color and 82 feet long & 8 inches wide. Another shorter version of turban, known as safa is also worn as a headgear, which comprise a broader width as compared to the turban.

Men's Attire:

Men's Attire

The men of the state can be usually seen with a turban, depending on their caste, and the region they hail from. Moreover, the Achkan or Angrakhi is worn as the upper garment and Dhoti or Pyjamas are worn as lowers, which makes the outfit complete.

Women's Attire:

Women's Attire

The women in Rajasthan generally wear a ghagra (skirt), Odhni (head cloth), Kurti (blouse). The 10 feet long Odhni, is tucked in the skirt on one of the sides and the other is used to cover the head and shoulder. The footwear generally comprises chappals or sandals, called Jhutis.



Pilia is an embellished & decorated Odhni depicting a shade of yellow and red colored lotus motif at the centre. This is generally worn by women of the state. As per customs, a Pilia is generally gifted by a girl’s parents as she becomes a mother.

Ornaments :


Ornaments are also very much of an integral part of the dressing up throughout the state. Practiced since prehistoric times, the ornaments made from silver, and gold had been widely used by women as well as women. Some of the most common ornaments worn by the men & women include necklace, armlets, anklets, earrings, rings, and nose rings etc.

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