Rajasthan Handicrafts :
rajasthan handicrafts

The crafts men of Rajasthan had been creating the richest treasures, and opulent designs in stone, leather goods, clay, lac, ivory, gold, brass, and different colored textiles. The traditional art form of Rajasthan has been captivating hearts of art lovers from all over the world.

Some of the most famous handicrafts of the state are :

Stone Sculpting :

The art of stone sculpting is created by the finest sculptors and masons on best quality stones, marbles, and sandstone. Sculptures of deities including Hindu gods & goddesses craved intricately on a variety of stones. Moreover, the artists from Jaipur also create utensils like plates, and other bowls, for kneading and grinding spices. The temples of Rajasthan are a fine example of the stone sculpting of the state. The best works of the stone sculptors can be seen at the Dilwara Temples in Mount Abu.

Pottery :

The potter caste known as Kumbhars is believed to be created Lord Shiva. The history of this art dates back to the 2500BC and had been traced in the Harrapan Civilization. Moreover, the famous blue potter of Jaipur, which initially originated in China, was passed from the Persian to the Muslims. Furthermore, the region of Molela, to the north of Udaipur is famous for its terracotta pottery work made from clay and dung.

Textile :

Rajasthan is loved for its colorful textiles. Here you can find some of the most vibrant textiles, made after a variety of treatments. Kaithoon village in Kota is famous for its textile. Moreover, bandhani is a famous tie dying process done on a variety of garments including sarees, suits, dupattas, and others.

Carpets and Weaving :

The art of carpet making was introduced by the Muslims in the 16th century. The Persian weavers played a vital role in promoting pile carpets all across Jaipur. Moreover, the state is also known for its Shawls, woven from hand-spun wool.

Jewellery :

Silver jewellery is worn in the state of Rajasthan by both men and women. Also, the state is known for its silver jewellery ornaments like bracelets, nose rings, rings, ankle bracelets, toe rings, and pendants. A symbol of the caste and status of the communities, jewellery forms an important part of the handicrafts of the state. In addition to this, gold jewellery with Meenakari work is also popular in Rajasthan.

Woodwork :

The art of wood cing from the region of Shekhawati is world famous. Here you can find some of the finest woodwork on window panes, pidas, finely wrought doors, and decorative chairs. Moreover, lac bangles from the regions of Madhopur and Udaipur are another popular form of woodwork found in the state of Rajasthan.

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