Rajasthan Painting :

Rajasthan has a lot of art in its domain. Paintings from this landscape have also found a place in the world of art. The painters of Rajasthan had played a vital role in bringing this art to the modern era, and finally enhanced the artistic aura of the state. Some of the famous paintings found here in the state of Rajasthan are:

Gemstone Paintings :
gemstone paintings

Gemstone paintings from Rajasthan are made using various precious & semi-precious stones, which are finely grinded and then used to adorn these wonderful work of art by the painters of the Rajasthan.

Phad Paintings :
Phad Paintings

The phad paintings of Rajasthan are religious & folk painting done on a canvas called phad. These paintings generally honor folk deities like Pabuji and Devnarayan and speak of their heroic deeds.

Kajali Paintings :
Kajali Paintings

The word kajali is derived from the word kajal, meaning carbon black. Made from kajal and stone colors, kajali paintings require a lot of hard work and are made without any tool, only using hands and cloth. The painters also use powder of semi-precious stones to add some color to the paintings. Kajali paintings usually portray gods, wild animals, and women with their facial expressions perfectly painted onto the canvas.

Kishangarh Paintings:
Kishangarh Paintings

The Kishangarh painting style developed during the 17th and 18th century. The artists of the region of Kishangarh used to develop romantic miniatures paintings honoring Radha and Krishna. The Kishangarh painting art flourished a lot during the reign of the Raja Mansingh and Sawant Singh in the 17th century. These paintings are today found in the regions of Mewar, Ambal, Marwar, Kishangarh, and Hadoti.

Bani Thani Paintings:
gemstone paintings

The Kishengarh School of Rajasthan is a paradigm of Bani Thani paintings. The origin of these paintings goes back to its’ royal patron - Raja Sawant Singh, who is believed to be the originator of the famous Bani Thani paintings.

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