Rajasthan Textiles :

Batik :

The art of batik is a technique of developing amazing resist painting onto textiles. The fabric is first painted with molten wax, and then dyed in cold dyes, and finally washed in hot water. The art originated in the state some 2000 years back, and today stands as one of very famous art form of the state.

Bandhani :

Bandhani is a type of tie-dye textile made by plucking the piece of cloth with fingernails and tied into many bindings to make a figurative design. The cloth piece is tied and dyed into many colors to create multicolored designs. Rajasthan is known for its amazing Bandhani garments all over the country as well in the outside world. The two notable destinations for Bandhani textile are Jaipur & Sikar.

Bagru Prints :
Bagru Prints

Bagru textile designs are made using vegetable colors, and other natural ingredients. The motifs of Bagru are inspired from the flora and fauna of the state and mostly focus on nature. Initially, Bagru prints comprise flora and vegetative designed. It was after the Persian influence that more geometrical designs were introduced. The most common motifs in Bagru are flower, birds, twisted tendrils, trellis designs, figurative designs, and geometrical designs.

Sanganeri Prints :
Sanganeri Prints

The region of Sanganer is known for its Sanganeri textile prints, named after the town. The textiles of Sanganeri comprise screen & block printing done on cotton cloth. Mostly done on a white background, Sanganeri prints are done on a variety of textile including bed- sheet, table covers, and clothes, etc.

Barmeri Prints:
gemstone paintings

Barmeri printed textiles are known for their bold geometric patterns, called 'AJRAKH'. The region of Barmer is famous for its Barmeri printed textiles appreciated for their darker shades, which are believed to be cooler by its creators.

Jaipuri Quilts:
gemstone paintings

The quilts from Jaipur are loved for their amazing warmth and softness. Light in weight and made from beautiful colorful prints, the Jaipuri Quilts are high in demand throughout the country.

Kota Doria Cloth:
Kota Doria Cloth

Kota Doria clothes are weaved employing a traditional pit loom in a way to produce square checks on the fabric. The typical style of weaving makes Kota Doria, one of the most famous textile art form of Rajasthan. Available in a variety of colors, Kota Doria is very soft and light weight.

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